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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

on Maya | mom's cardigan // random boutique dress // Target tights // doc martens
on Ashley | H&M oversized sweater // eBay tattoo choker // Forever 21 silver necklaces

listening to // Don't Let Me Down, Solange

So if you follow either of us on Instagram, you may have caught our hashtag '6psquad.' Basically, it's an attempt to showcase our adventures during our free-sixths and partly to remember good times in the future (aka when we leave high school.)
Yesterday, we decided to do a quick outfit post in some flower fields and left them feeling transformed by the idyllic, almost ethereal landscape. Although we may have damaged some plants along the way, the experience was definitely worth it (sorry Mother Nature!)

Love always, Maya

nyfw aw '15 top picks | street style

Thursday, February 26, 2015

One of our most used social media platform is, surprise surprise, Instagram and during New York Fashion Week, we realized we would rather freeze our butts off in New York than be comfortably warm in school. One of the best parts of Instagram is how quickly the street style situation during NYFW is shared for everyone to take inspiration from. We decided to gather our top picks of outfits and detail shots from this past NYFW and share them with you guys!


It shouldn't come as a surprise that at least half of Kastor & Pollux would show up in my top picks. Dani Roche is my absolute woman crush and her Instagram is filled with minimalistic/aesthetically pleasing photos. She never fails to find the best backdrops to take outfit photos against and I really love how she makes the enormous scarf and leopard coat look so effortless.


Even though I've stopped using a backpack for school because hashtag senioritis, I've really developed a penchant for quirky backpacks like the furry one on the right. And as always, you can never go wrong with anything black and leather, like the backpack on the left.


I have the biggest thing for coats and patent shoes and I can't get enough of Courtney's slightly boho, super minimalistic style. 


I also have a thing for oversized sunglasses with thick white frames, like the Acne ones that always pop up on my Tumblr feed. My only wish is to be able to pull them off as well as NYFW attendees do. Let's be honest, very few can look effortless while shielding themselves against crazy wind.


This coat is proof that you can have it all - you can feel like a princess with the huge pleated bottom without catching hypothermia. Also who isn't obsessed with the way Vanessa Hong pulls off her platinum hair??


What's a NYFW post without mentioning The Blogger Rumi Neely. In terms of style consistency, her sleek, neutral-toned outfit stays within the bounds of her other non-NYFW outfits. But, I think the midi-duster coat adds something (I don't know exactly what) to her ouftit that screams "look at me, I'm amazing."


Ashley chose Dani, so I had to showcase Bianca's cool-cute getup (not really, it was just a coincidence.) I love how she paired such chunky things - the beanie, necklace, polka dot coat - to create an outfit that's playful, yet totally appropriate for fashion week.


There's been an influx of women in structured coats, androgynous outfits, and gray tones. And it's never looked better, to be honest.


The details of an outfit can seriously make or break whatever look you're going for. This street style yet again shows off the structure and straight-cut trend, but this time, in the form of accessories. 


This skirt means so much to me. It's suede and not a skater skirt and it's neutral. Paired with the oversized coat, this outfit was a bit more casual in nature but still managed to look effortlessly modern.

it's black & white | outfit

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Forever 21 moto jacket // Mom's peasant top // Urban Outfitters Lucca Couture skirt // AA knee socks // monochrome Converse

listening to | Sweatpants, Childish Gambino

It's still winter for most people in the country, but for us spoiled SoCal residents, it's basically summer now. The weather is as bipolar as always which means light layers are a must. Unfortunately, I've never been any good at layering because I tend to buy only standout pieces, like this skirt, instead of basics. But like I said in my previous post, I've been trying to get out of my comfort zone with my wardrobe so I don't get stuck wearing the same outfit on everyday except for blog post days.

I decided to borrow my mom's white top because it completed the black and white color scheme and it was the perfect layering piece under my moto jacket but was airy enough to wear on its own in the afternoon heat.

Love always, Ashley
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