Saturday, July 26, 2014

summer shade | photo diary

Last week, I went to Corona del Mar with a few friends and we spent the day swimming in freezing water, taking pictures, getting various scrapes on our feet because of the rocky tide pools, and jumping off of rocks in the middle of the ocean. Just my attempt in trying to squeeze in as much SoCal beach time before school starts.
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Thursday, July 24, 2014

senior year bucket list | back to school 2014

With our last year of high school approaching in less than a month, we decided to put together a bucket list of things we absolutely have to do before we move onto college. Some of these are small and can probably be accomplished within a few hours and others are bigger and would require at least a few weeks of planning. These are also probably very cliche high school resolutions but we've never had our cliche high school moments so this is our last change to make them happen.

So this is our kick-off post for this year's back to school series (we did one last year)!. Everything we talk/post about is in anticipation of our final year of high school and our supposed ~indie punk~ transformation with our two other best friends Jarizze + Kritika. Even if you're not about to be a senior, we hope that you'll be able to take some stuff out of this series & you'll enjoy it. If you are gonna be a senior, then congrats!! We hope that everyone had a great summer and (sorta) enjoys going back to school.
Love always, A + M.

1. Make a trip to the beach before the sun rises (m)
2. Go out really late at night with friends and run around like the reckless teenager I'm not (m)

3. Go on a mini road trip to Salvation Mountain (m)
4. Go camping (even though I'm not too fond of nature) and sleep under the stars (a)

5. At the end of the year, go on an extended road trip to wherever (maybe just follow the PCH) (m)
6. Go on a late night drive with friends and do stupid, reckless things that only teenagers can get away with (a)

7. Do something drastically different with my appearance (a)
8. Be brave enouh to wear dark lipstick and maybe get a nose ring (m)
9. Go on a crazy date with some ridiculously good looking guy (a)

10. Go to prom (a) 
11. Do more DIY projects, one of them being a the Venus symbol brooch (m)
12. Get into a college in New York City. NYU would be best, but I'm shooting for anything in the city (a)

Friday, July 18, 2014

style profile: ashley jimenez

"I have a small infatuation with Alex Turner and right now, I'm listening to a lot of The Shins and Phoenix."

Brandy Melville velvet crop top // American Apparel high waisted shorts // T.U.K kitty Mary Janes

Ashley Jimenez
We love her quirky, 90s-inspired style, those Mary Janes, and her cool vibes.
"My favorite things to wear at the moment are Mary Janes. I'm in love with my cat Mary Janes and I wear them all the time."