lookbook video | graduation 2015

Monday, May 25, 2015

We're literally, actually, seriously, finally done - done with some of the most transformative, weirdest years of our life. I'm not sure about Ashley, but it hasn't fully hit me yet. I'm about to complete the New Student Checklist for Carleton and my stomach is in a huge knot, but somehow, I'm still not shocked that high school is over. 

Anyways, we created this lookbook video for you and included a couple of our close friends (thank you friends!) Enjoy!

Your friend, 

now or never | graduation 2015

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

(casual HSM3 song reference in the post title)

As you guys may know, we're graduating in EIGHT days and we only have two days of school left!! This blog has been a huge part of our high school careers so it's only fitting that we bring you guys along our final days as high schoolers. We filmed a graduation outfit lookbook featuring a few of our very good friends for you guys in case you're in need of some inspiration for your own upcoming graduation. We have a few more things planned for NH as we close the door (cliches much??) on the past four years of our lives and look forward to our college lives.

Love always, A + M

feeling ok | outfit

Sunday, May 10, 2015

buffalo exchange jacket // tjmaxx thermal // thrifted skirt // doc martens 

Our high school careers are nearly over which is one of the wildest, most terrifying things I've had to come to terms with. But it's undeniably also one of the most exciting. As everything is winding down, we (Ashley, me, and our friends) are trying to literally grasp onto every single second we can possibly spend with each other. Here, we visited Bruxie's during our free period and just kind of took in everything - the feeling of foreseen nostalgia, the feeling of not wanting to forget, and the comfort of established friendship. 

Hopefully there'll be more content on the blog soon!

Your friend, Maya

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