Wednesday, October 1, 2014

beauty queen in tears | outfit

listening to // Tennis Court, Lorde

Ray-Ban round metals // Urban Outfitters cold shoulder top // Pacsun acid wash skinnies // monnochrome Converse

Bell sleeves and black are essentials in my wardrobe and I love it when I come across certain pieces that meld the two concepts together to produce gorgeous, witchy clothes such as this top. The indie embroidery and shoulder cutouts keep it from looking too costume-y.

Also making its first (and certainly not last) debut on my blog are my newest prized posession: Ray-Ban round metal sunnies. These are definitely one of my biggest investments in my wardrobe and I'm actually in love with the way they look. These were kind of a risk because I ordered them online without having tried them on beforehand and round sunnies usually don't frame my face well. Turns out it was a risk worth taking and I'm soOOoo satisfied with these.

School, as usual, is driving the both of us insane with apps + AP classes + crazy hot weather  )): We've been working on a calendar to get as much content out to you guys as possible, so HUGE thanks to those who've been sticking with us!

Love always, Ashley

Thursday, September 25, 2014

leaving california | outfit

As the title suggests, I'm seriously considering leaving California to escape the stupid heat wave that's not supposed to be happening in September. We had one day of reprieve with 84 degree weather so I pulled out a pair of jeans!! Of course, I had to pair it with a crop top and lightweight cardigan because I'm excited for fall, not a heat stroke.

H&M crop top // Forever 21 necklace // Fashion Q 1982 cardigan // American Apparel Easy Jeans // monochrome Converse

Listening to: Reflections // MisterWives

I used to be really against American Apparel Easy Jeans because I just always had this idea in mind that AA is for stick skinny people and would never fit me comfortably. The appearance of these on the blog is me apologizing for that assumption. I picked up this pair at their factory rummage sale and I was skeptical about them because they look soooo small but they're actually so stretchy and comfortable and extremely flattering. 10/10 would actually recommend.

If you're experiencing cold weather where you are, please show us! We're sick and tired of California's weather and are desperate for even the image of real fall outfits.

Love always, Ashley.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

daydreamer | outfit

paisley top from mom's closet // Nordstrom pants // Target denim shirt //  ___ shoes

I'm so excited for what the future holds.
Like, as we get closer and closer to the end of this year (let alone, this semester!), I feel more and more ready to leave and be independent. Of course, there are bouts of worry and anxiety coupled with thinking about the future but overall, everything seems so promising.

And, yeah, i'm still bitter about waking up at an ungodly hour, but I can see the silver lining (barely, but I can see it nonetheless.) I hope you can too.

Your Friend,