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Saturday, January 24, 2015

on Ashley | Urban Outfitters kimono // Ally Fashion pom pom dress // Aldo sheer panel socks // ASOS cutout boots
on Maya | TJMaxx pants // Heavenly Couture cardigan // necklace from Ethiopia // 1461 Docs

listening to | Baby, Devendra Banhart 

Existential crises, excessive eating, and lots of hair-pulling pretty much encapsulates last week.  It was as if some School Deity was testing all of the seniors' sanity. I, along with many others, questioned whether or not the luxury of being a "second semester senior" was real.

To alleviate our post-testing pains, Ashley and I plus Jarizze, Kritika, and Tiffany decided to cop a box of 14 donuts (because why the hell not?) and sit on top of the infamously famous parking structure. We danced, sang, ate. And, honestly, everything was so good. Second semester senior year started out rough, and I'm sure it won't all be dandy, but it's moments like these that will make everything worth it.

Find those moments!

Your friend, Maya

hanbi x hanmin | style feature

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

@kosistas on Instagram

Wow we haven't done style features in a while but we decided to replace one of our outfit posts with a feature of Hanbi & Hanmin Ko. Maya and I are both feeling a little worn out despite it being second semester of senior year?? We'll resume our outfit posts this Saturday (in case you didn't know, our outfit posting schedule is every Tuesday & every other Saturday).

Hanbi and Hanmin definitely have a knack for putting together stunning minimalistic outfits and I especially love the standout details on certain pieces, such as Hanmin's fuzzy cardigan and Hanbi's wrap skort. I had the privilege of shooting the Ko sisters & it was such a great experience, their natural ability to pose and interact for the camera as well as their totally on point outfits made for some pretty amazing photos.

Be sure to follow their Instagram, @kosistas for more updates from Hanbi & Hanmin!

Love always, Ashley

young lion's den | lifestyle

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Clearly I have a problem with keeping posters stuck to my wall. But maybe that's what adds "charm" and "character" to my room. 

listening to | Young Lion, Vampire Weekend

I undeniably, unabashedly, and wholeheartedly love my room. Everything from the little elephant to the tie-dye backdrop to the abundance of books represents me -  my room is who I am and what I love.
If you're wondering how to personalize your room, I recommend not having a clear cut vision for what you want it to look like. Don't restrict yourself. If there's a quote that resonates with you (like the one in the last picture), go ahead and write/type it out and put it on your wall. Or, like the dried flowers, if you receive something that means something to you, hang it up or put it on display! Don't be scared of what you put in your room, because it's your room.

Your friend, Maya
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