Friday, September 12, 2014

where we are tour | photo diary

As some of you may or may not know, I am a huge One Direction fan. Boy bands are my guilty pleasure, not gonna lie. So when I had the opportunity to see them at the Rose Bowl, I couldn't say no even though it was on a schoolnight and we had nosebleed seats. When we got up to our section, all the way up in the stands, 5SOS started playing so we freaked out and just started dancing in the aisle but we were forced to move to our actual seats. Okay so we were in our seats, dancing and singing along to 5SOS like psychos when this lady approaches us. She asked us "Is it just the three of you?" and we had no idea what was going on but said yes. THEN SHE HANDS US THREE TICKETS AND SAYS "Here are complimentary floor tickets on behalf of 5 Seconds of Summer." Uh what?????? We freaked and basically ran all the way to our seats that were pretty much right in front of the stage and just had the best night of our entire lives.

I'll spare you guys my crazy thoughts about the concert here but if you wanna see more, feel free to check out my WWAT posts on Tumblr (((((:

Love always, Ashley

Thursday, September 11, 2014

mind over matter | photo diary

This week has been so stressful. As soon as I begin to feel a peace of mind, another task, another thing, rattles my brain. Everything is piling on top of one another, but for some weird reason, I'm ok with it. Maybe this is part of growing up.

Good things:
  • I found out we have 2 late starts in a row.
  • My English teacher likes Portlandia, how cute! 
  • Music is a cure-all. 
  • Coffee is also a cure-all.

What I'm Listening To: Mind Over Matter by Young the Giant

Your friend,

(both pictures were found on Tumblr)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

no idea | photo diary

Senior year usually means minimal homework and not too much study material/textbooks brought home. Unfortunately, for me, it's pretty much the complete opposite. Taking five AP classes was probably one of my worst decisions so here's a part of the playlist that I usually play to get me through the night.

centuries | fall out boy
menswear | the 1975
don't save me | haim
diane young | vampire weekend
knee socks | arctic monkeys
heroes | all time low
thiskidsnotalright | awolnation
clique | kanye west
natural disaster | pentatonix
bang bang | jessie j, ariana grande, nicki minaj
oxford comma | vampire weekend
me without you | all time low
mason jar | smallpools
out of mind | magic man
thanks for nothing | the downtown fiction