Sunday, November 23, 2014

no story time | outfit

Smallpools band tee // American Apparel over the knee socks // monochrome Converse

Anyone looking for a band merch model?? (kidding) This was my post-schoolday-concert look: oversized band tee bought at the concert the night before worn as a dress + knee highs + Converse. This was the first time I dared to wear a tshirt as a dress to school, but I think that I've stopped caring about what others think about my outfits in general (wow not a cliche statement at all). Plus I'm freaking exhausted so ~whtevr~ man. And being the spoiled SoCal girl, fall right now is still hitting about 75 degrees in the afternoon so this is totally weather appropriate.

I'm actually putting together a concert series together for you guys that covers everything from concert outfits to how-to's just in case any of you guys are interested! Also we have the week off for Thanksgiving so we have some time to get some legit outfit posts up for you guys and the holidays are coming up soon!! (which also means the end of app season) so expect huge things from us coming really soon!

Love always, A.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

dreaming | concert outfit

Akira Red Label fringe top (via blogger sale) // diy ripped black skinnies // ASOS cutout booties

Yesterday was probably the best Monday of my entire life because a) concert time!! and b) Magic Man AND Smallpools together?? I wanna live that night over & over (hahAHA clever use of Smallpools lyrics in this blog post). We got to House of Blues in Downtown Disney a good 2 and a half hours before the doors opened so we spent that time taking photos, doing homework, and just having a good time. I actually just got this top on Sunday at the sale that a bunch of LA bloggers like Little Black Boots, Feral Creature, The River Wolf, and more held at Space 15 Twenty down in Hollywood. This top is definitely concert approved because the chiffon material & open back makes it lightweight enough for singing and dancing along to the music and the sleeves just added such a pretty element to the all black outfit I decided to go with.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

swingin' party | outfit

The product of makeup, pretty dresses, and probably some really weird joke. 

on Maya | G-Stage shift dress // Reflection heels 
on Ashley | pearl necklace from Target // Forever 21 cream lace dress // Cotton On wooden heels

Ashley and Jarizze came over to my house to get ready so at noon, we were just chilling in my bedroom and doing pretty much nothing. We got to the party early because Jarizze had to set up for her performance (which was amazing, by the way) and just lounged around till more people started coming. Once the party started, we kind of let our inhibitions go and had a great time eating, laughing, and taking selfies with friends.

It's not too often that you can truly enjoy yourselves amidst college app season so I'd like to thank Celena and Lydia for hosting a super enjoyable party!

Your friend,