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Thursday, March 26, 2015

wearing Forever 21 necklace & tshirt dress with high slit // borrowed flannel // H&M high waisted shorts & snake print slip ons // Ray Ban round metal sunnies
listening to | It All Starts Here, Magic Man

Yesterday I saw Magic Man for the 3rd time & of course, they were as great as ever. (I mean, if I'm willing to drive all the way out to Hollywood twice & stay out past midnight on school nights for a band, they're definitely special to me). I spent the entire day at LA so I had to wear something that would be light enough for walking around in hot LA weather but would also be appropriate for the concert. I settled on this tshirt dress with a high slit because it combines the convenience of a tshirt and the style of a dress aka the best of both worlds. Of course, the LA heat had nothing on body heat inside the actual concert venue so the material was airy enough to prevent sweat stains. I just threw on the flannel because ~grunge~ (also I was matching with Alex at the end of the night but I didn't notice til now cool).

Because I'm on spring break right now, I was able to line up relatively early and we got pretty good spots from the stage. By the middle of Magic Man's set, I was close enough to the stage to touch it and Alex's hand. Which I did. After the show, I stayed out with my friends til about midnight to meet the entire band & I'll share those photos once I develop them!

Love always, Ashley

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hey guys! Funny story, Maya and I actually have a posting calendar for NH but senior year just loves to throw curveballs at us so that calendar has been mostly ignored for the past few months. Don't worry, it will definitely come back next because we have a big thing planned for the entire span of April!! With college coming up, I've been accumulating things for my dorm and I'll be giving a mini tour of my room (check out Maya's room tour here). Because the rest of my room is extremely messy, I'll just show you guys the parts of my room I'm most proud of - the top shelf of my desk & my photo wall.

Love always, Ashley

* Polaroid One Step Camera (thrifted)
* Fujifilm Instax Mini via Amazon
* Mini Projector via Amazon

I got this display box as a gift for my birthday and it's honestly the perfect since I can just kinda place a ton of things in there & still have my shelf look organized.

I use this to hold my earrings now since it's easier than digging through my old "earring bowl".

No self-proclaimed photographer is complete with more than one instant camera. I found the legit Polaroid camera at Goodwill a couple years ago and I only use it for the most special events since the film is extremely pricey. I carry my Instax Mini with me everywhere & I'll use it more liberally since I can get the film cheaper in bulk.

I originally bought this projector to use for my party & I think I'll be bringing it with me to college since it's so lightweight and it'll be perfect for late night Netflix sessions with my roommate (I have so many dorm dreams it's kinda insane).

* Arctic Monkeys' AM (gift)
* 5SOS' 5 Seconds of Summer
* Lorde's Pure Heroine (gift)

Of course, no typical female teen's room is complete without at least one of the Rookie Yearbooks, books about street style & photography, a couple indie CDs, and one pop album. I absolutely love going through the books because they're incredibly visually appealing and so interesting. (I also have an even larger shelf dedicated to my vice - dystopian novels and Harry Potter).

Finally, the wall. If you don't have at least one wall covered in photos & memories, then you're lying or not as typical as I am. One the left side are concert-related memories: tickets, merch, wristbands. I have a few Disneyland tickets up top. On the right hand side is my greatest achievement: a collage of various photos, polaroids, and photobooth strips next to a few hanging necklaces. I actually restarted this wall a couple months ago because I got bored of the other one so there're a lot fewer photos than originally but I'm going to have to take it down and start all over again in less than 5 months. Excited for dorm life because my ~aesthetic~ will have it's own little space to grow and develop.

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

first & last photos by Celena Jhern
wearing Ray Ban round metal sunnies // Urban Outfitters halter bralette // Pacsun vneck // H&M shorts // Nike Roshe Runs
listening to | Truth or Dare - Marianas Trench

On Saturday, I spent the equivalent of two school days at Disneyland/California Adventure (16 hours) instead of going to the Sadie's dance. Since none of us have passes, we had to make the most out of the day so we stayed from opening to closing. I went in a group of 5 couples so we were that annoyingly loud group of teenagers taking up an entire car at several rides in the park. Despite the high 90s temperature and the fact that my feet felt like they were about to fall off any second, I had the greatest time at the happiest place on earth. Having Disneyland only 30 minutes from my house is something I'll definitely miss when I leave SoCal for college. (ps: lifestyle posts about college acceptances & the whole process will be out soon for all you juniors about to apply!!)

I opted for an easy breezy outfit to stay comfortable & as cool as possible at Disney (and actually matched with Celena of Urban Supplied). A bralette is a great alternative for an actual bra on hot days like these because the lace is a breathable material and the lightweight material makes it incredibly easy to wear. Not to mention, it looks great under almost any top you wear. What's your perfect Disney day outfit?

Love always, Ashley
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