Thursday, August 21, 2014

not in the swing of things yet | outfit

 Recently, we've been wearing a lot of simple outfits made up of basic pieces and we thought we'd share a couple simple outfit ideas for those days when just waking up for school is a chore and dressing up isn't an option at all.

on Maya | denim shirt from Target // olive green pants from Nordstrom // pointed flats from Ross

on Ashley | Fashion Q 1982 cardigan // Brandy Melville white tee // Forever 21 high waisted shorts + necklace // monochrome Converse // American Apparel cities tote

With school comes laziness. And getting up at an ungodly hour doesn't help the cause of "putting effort" into our outfits. We haven't yet hit the stage of completely bumming it but who knows when that time will come?

The best thing about simple items is that it's actually pretty easy to make it seem like you really tried! I paired my plain white tee with some colored pants and a denim chambray top. If I really wanted to seem like I had put complete thought into my outfit, I could have paired it with some simple jewelry. Alas, as my sleep hours dwindle so does my will to try (oops, I didn't mean to sound so morbid.)

Anyways, I hope those of you who have started school recently, or are about to, have a great couple of first weeks! 

Your friend,

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

r u mine? | arctic monkeys concert outfits

Last Thursday, we went to the Arctic Monkeys concert at the Staples Center and it was basically the best night of our lives. 

When we thought of Arctic Monkeys and their AM album, we figured all black outfits would be appropriate for the concert. And it was. A good chunk of the people there were in black and white or otherwise "looking like an Arctic Monkeys song" with the oversized denim jacket, ripped tights, and black attire. We went with Jake and even though our attempt to meet Alex Turner (everyone's dream dude) and the band didn't go as expected, we still had an amazing time listening to them live and sorta wish everyday could be like an AM concert.
Love always, A + M

on Maya | Blanc Et Noir studded vest // Metallic black tee // City Wear skort // Doc Martens
on Ashley | H&M crop top + duster cardigan // Forever 21 high waisted shorts // monochrome Converse // diy choker

Saturday, August 9, 2014

first day outfits | back to school 2014

"back to school outfit idea" by ashley-yu on Polyvore
As you can probably tell, I'm extremely into the whole monochromatic trend at the moment and my current color palette of choice is definitely anything that falls into the black/white/gray families (a)

bts pt.2

"Back to School 2014" by ashley-yu on Polyvore

bts pt.3

"back to school 2014" by ashley-yu on Polyvore

bts pt.1

Hey guys! School starts for us on Monday so we decided to share a few outfit ideas for the first day/week of school. It's actually really weird to think of ourselves as seniors and that we'll be moving out really soon. I can't think of anything to write at the moment because Maya & I went to the Arctic Monkeys concert last night and post-concert depression really hit hard for this one. But for now, enjoy a list of our favorite back to school trends & some outfit inspirations.

Love always, A + M.