Wednesday, December 17, 2014

out of my limit | outfit

Forever 21 moto jacket + pleated checkered skirt // Cotton On thermal // ASOS cutout boots
listening to | Out Of My Limit (Live), 5SOS

I'm done!! Today was my last day of official finals for first semester of senior year. Tomorrow I still have school but it's English + yearbook so I'm not doing anything in those classes. Wow. I've been on this blog since spring of sophomore year & it's kinda crazy to see how much this blog has grown and how much both Maya and I have changed. Next up for me is finishing up college apps before Christmas so I can actually enjoy the holidays and after that, the waiting game begins. But other than that, I feel such a sense of relief & joy knowing that I'm finally nearing the end.
Good luck to everyone else finishing up finals and enjoy your holidays!

Love always, Ashley.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Happy Elfin' Holiday! | holidays

wearing // Target Christmas sweaters (men's section)

Happy Holidays guys!! This is our second Christmas season on the blog but the first time we decided to make an official "Christmas card". We just wanted to thank you guys for your support and love for Not Haute and it's honestly because of you guys that we're still here (: Last week was our elf dance which is this crazy dance that seniors do during the holiday rally. Christmas is the light at the end of the tunnel for a lot of us because after finals comes the best time of the year. Good luck to everyone who's taking finals/will be taking them later on and Merry Christmas + Happy New Year!!

Love always, Ashley + Maya

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

into the bone | outfit

gifted scarf // sweater from ashley // thrifted jeans // doc martens
listening to | Don't Swallow the Cap, The National

I really like scarves, because they act as small blankets. And they can shield you from the rain. And they can make a really boring outfit not boring! (See photos above.)

Nothing compares to rainy days. Doesn't drinking a hot cup of coffee, eating warm cookies and watching Parks and Rec sound like the perfect day? Anyways, these were taken last week. And now, the sun is back out. Hopefully SoCal will actually get to experience cold weather this winter. Finals are coming up next week by the way, so expect us to be very sleep-deprived and coffee-strung.

Your friend, Maya